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About Us

How we build your brand.

We create brilliance that really works.

Dedicated to producing branding that is so powerful it speaks for itself, Immagin is a boundary-pushing branding agency renowned for creating distinctive brand stories about you.

Remarkably, and perhaps providentially, our founder was nicknamed 'Maverick' at his first gig... and now it all makes sense!

We are the outlaws, the rebels, the agency of ideas that leaves people in awe and jaws on the floor. We are not just another marketing firm putting your name in a template. We are purely original and will push the boundaries to find the edge that works.

Our founder has lived this for over 20 years, so rest assured we’re not about assumptions or guesswork.

Experience, knowledge and wisdom:
our founder

Brett Travis is a Creative Director, Marketing Strategist and founder of Immagin Creative Brands.

With an illustrious 30-year career working in the world’s leading design agencies, including McCann Erikkson, Saatchi & Saatchi UK, Saeshe Inc. NY, and running his own design agency in Australia, Brett understands the value and results that a high-end brand identity can bring to a corporation.

He also recognises that this level of expertise and market cut-through is out of reach for most small to medium businesses. He is now using his extensive creative expertise and strong business acumen to help founder-led companies elevate their point of difference and bring their brand concepts to life, while delivering a unique brand-market fit that positions them at the forefront of their industry.

Brett is passionate about creating strong relationships between his clients and their consumers, producing meaningful results that shifts industries and impacts their bottom-line.



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