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Immagin is...

Branding simply done world class


Building tomorrow's
brands. Today.

Building you a creative brand
that you can sell to the world.

We create corporate brands worldwide that have forged successful companies,
produced renowned national brands, and grown businesses throughout Australia in their expansion to prosperity.​

We've done it for the past 20 years!

We are here to eliminate the confusion, stress and heartache around not knowing how to position your company for maximum impact,

We will listen to the problems you are experiencing and will devise a process that will stop you from questioning your direction and produce results.

Our company will do the work to strategically align you with your target audience, and help you every step of the way.... your customer's will love you for it!

You deserve a bespoke brand
that will make you a market leader

We will make your business vision a reality by...

Creating you a bespoke brand that

connects and converts with your customer.

By making your brand stand out

over your competitors

By creating a corporate brand identity

that is uniquely & exclusively you.

We create trends

We don't follow them!

...and nothing is ever a template.

Not now. Not ever.

We believe in bespoke creations that resonate with your consumer, not cookie-cutter fill-the-blanks that assume you're like everyone else.

Your brand is unique and should be treated that way!

We are definitely not your
normal branding agency!

Experience is everything.
Everything is results driven.

With experience, comes wisdom and knowledge.

With over 30 years years of working at some of the world’s leading agencies and learning firsthand what resonates with diverse markets has forged who we are, and continues to guide our future.

IMMAGIN is a creative brand and strategic marketing agency bringing global design knowledge to Australian industries.

We’re passionate about sharing our experience to drive our client's bottom line and are obsessed with crafting brand narratives that will continue to strengthen the brand year after year.

We will connect the heart of your business with the core values of your client... regardless of how big or small you maybe.

Who are you... and how can we help?


You saved your pennies and have come a long way but now your brand's look has gone stagnant and just yuk!


Youre confused, frustrated, no plan and uncertain as to what to do next!


Everyone is passing you buy and you're not sure if you'll get back to the top

So come and join the ranks of previous clients

As the saying goes...
the proof is in the pudding

IMMAGIN has completed a vast range of briefs and design concepts from some of the biggest clients in the world to some of Australia's most outstanding high performing companies. ‍


A small thank you from clients

Working with Brett was an exciting trip for myself and the Directors of McNamara Law. The rebrand was a big part of our 100 year celebration and our team are thrilled with the outcome. Couldn't have found a better person for the job. We love everything about our rebrand, thank you

McNamara Law

Immagin Creative Brands delivered an exceptional branding experience from start to finish. We had the pleasure of working with Brett, who was committed to understanding our vision and transforming that into reality. Their expertise, creativity, and attention to detail was truly outstanding.




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