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Meet ATMO, the heartwarming caricature created as the iconic face of Cloudatmo, a brand that epitomizes innovation and a personalized touch. The journey of ATMO began with a hand-drawn concept, carefully crafted to embody the spirit of Cloudatmo—friendly, approachable, and tech-savvy. The initial two-dimensional rendering allowed us to gauge market resonance and fine-tune the character’s appeal.

As ATMO evolved into a three-dimensional persona, he transcended the digital realm, becoming a tangible representation of Cloudatmo’s commitment to elevating the cloud experience. With a playful demeanour and subtle tech elements, ATMO serves as the visual ambassador, ensuring the brand is etched in the consumer’s memory.

ATMO’s transition from hand-drawn sketch to a 3D-rendered character symbolizes the brand’s evolution, mirroring Cloudatmo’s dynamic and forward-thinking nature. This endearing caricature not only captures attention but also establishes an emotional connection with users, making Cloudatmo not just a service provider but a trusted companion in the vast landscape of cloud technology



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