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Skin care range

In crafting the Novaria skincare range, our objective was to carve a niche in a competitive market by offering a dependable ‘middle of the range’ solution. For the everyday consumer, we designed a distinctive line that stood out amidst predominantly white-based competitors. The clinical and reliable aesthetic ensured noticeability without compromising trust.

In parallel, the ‘baby’ range was conceived as an emotional yet trustworthy offering for this tender market. Balancing emotion with a soft and trusted appeal, the design invoked a sense of care and reliability. Gentle hues and a subtle, affectionate touch communicated both the emotional resonance and the essential trustworthiness required for products catering to the delicate needs of babies. Novaria emerges not only as a skincare solution but as a brand that resonates with both everyday consumers and those seeking a heartfelt connection in the realm of baby care.


Novaria Skin Range (Coles)


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