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Australian Muesli

‘Kanga’ cereal, affectionately coined, emerged as a collaborative venture through Collins International, seamlessly blending Australian manufacturing prowess with a deliberate appeal to the flourishing Asian market’s fascination for Australian products. The cereal’s concept was meticulously crafted with a distinctively Australian theme, aiming to captivate the Asian market’s enthusiasm for authentic Australian produce.

Embracing a unique ‘aboriginal’ theme, the packaging design was groundbreaking for its era. The ‘die-cut’ feature allowed consumers to visually engage with the raw product, creating a tactile and immersive experience that resonated at the checkout. This approach not only highlighted the authenticity of the Australian ingredients but also established ‘Kanga’ as a distinctive and memorable brand in the competitive cereal market.

The cereal’s design and thematic choices not only paid homage to Australia’s rich cultural tapestry but strategically tapped into the global demand for genuine Australian products, creating a unique identity that resonated with consumers both domestically and internationally. ‘Kanga’ cereal became a true ambassador of Australian quality and innovation in the international cereal market.


Collins International Foods


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