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In collaboration with Pohlmans Nursery, we spearheaded a transformative concept for Bunnings Warehouse to demystify the overwhelming tree and shrub market. The challenge was to simplify and categorize the vast array of species for consumers. Our solution involved identifying eight clear and intuitive categories, creating a user-friendly framework for navigating the expansive plant varieties.

Enter BEOG, the whimsical caricature that served as the icon for this innovative concept. Half bear, half dog, BEOG lent a charming and approachable face to each of the eight distinct ranges. Acting as a dynamic identifier, BEOG seamlessly adapted to represent the characteristics of the specific range, simplifying the decision-making process for customers.

This concept not only organized the diverse plant selection but also introduced a memorable and engaging element to the Bunnings shopping experience. BEOG became more than just an icon; it became a friendly guide, navigating consumers through the green labyrinth of trees and shrubs, ultimately enhancing the accessibility and appeal of the garden section at Bunnings Warehouse.


Pohlmans Nursery


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