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In order to market to audiences more successfully, audience profiling is the process of examining and classifying audiences according to common behaviours.

The scientific study of behaviour is known as behaviour analysis. It focuses on understanding the reasons behind people’s actions as well as ways to prevent and alter specific behaviours. Individuals and families can have better lives when behaviour analysts apply the concepts of learning theory.

How to Spot Industry Trends: A Guide for Innovators 2023
Trends in the industry or market refer to shifts or innovations occuring in a specific sector. They might manifest in a variety of ways, such as changes in customer behaviour or new technologies. Additionally, they could present enterprises with both chances and difficulties.

Micromarketing and macromarketing are frequently discussed together. Micromarketing concentrates on selling goods or services to a small, highly targeted set of customers who are chosen based on particular distinguishing traits, like a ZIP code or work title, as opposed to macromarketing, which focuses on society as a whole.

Lessons learnt, or key learnings, are the recorded bits of knowledge that represent the good and bad things that were learned from a project. Determine what you learnt from the project at hand by defining your major learnings.

Research on brand opportunities aids in precisely evaluating and forecasting a brand’s performance in terms of market share and income creation. This information aids in the justification of the enormous costs associated with a new brand’s commercial development and promotion.


A brand’s positioning describes the distinct value that it offers to its target audience. It’s a tactic used by brands to communicate their value proposition—the reason a buyer would choose their company over competitors—while establishing their brand identity.

The business model canvas’s unique value proposition, also known as the unique selling proposition or the unique selling point, is a marketing tactic that explains to consumers why a company’s product or brand is better than that of its rivals.

Product positioning is a strategic process that identifies the place of your good or service in the market and the reasons it is superior to competing offerings. Condensing your target market’s identity, needs, and ways that your product can be especially helpful is the aim.

By enhancing the perception that consumers have of the goods and services produced in a certain location, territorial branding seeks to create a competitive advantage for that territory.

Visual identity refers to the elements used to represent a company, organization, or product, such as its logo, color scheme, web design, illustration style, animation style, typography, icons, photography, and the overall aesthetic representation of the brand.

Through consistency, your business’s voice and tone aid in building brand awareness. A key component of your branding is your brand voice. It contributes to uniformity amongst mediums of communication. If your logo is absent, your brand information should still be easily identifiable.

A variety of tactics, including social media, advertising, and customer feedback, are used to form brand communication. Every interaction a prospective client or consumer has with a certain brand becomes a brand communication.

Brand guidelines are a set of precise criteria and regulations that specify how the world should see your brand. Businesses can maintain brand consistency and communicate their company’s identity, mission, and values by following brand rules.

Strategic marketing

The structure known as the “5 P’s of marketing”—Product, Price, Promotion, Place, and People—helps direct marketing tactics and maintains marketers’ attention on the proper objectives. Let’s explore their significance for your brand in more detail. Do you need content for your company?

Analysing the standard three: Customer, Company, Competitors

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We choose to concentrate on branding... because we're bl**dy good at it. But we can do so much more. If it enhances the client's experience, then we'll do it!

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With numerous clients, we provide on-retainer assistance or augmentation for their internal team in all marketing and creative disciplines. We design personalised retainer programmes to meet your requirements, ranging from email marketing and continuous content production to virtual CMOs who produce comprehensive strategic plans.

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We delve into your core business to source challenges.

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We help companies to strategically think about their brand story.

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Choosing a brand story

We help to define your powerful brand narrative

Strategic conceptual framework
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We design holistic, ownable and unique brand experience for your company.

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