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Pizza Brand

Crafted for IGA and Metcash Foodtown stores, our pizza brand redefined visual appeal and storytelling to convey quality and premium positioning. The challenge was met with an ingenious solution: distinctive packaging colors – ‘purple’ for Supreme and ‘brown’ for Barbeque. Each hue represented a unique story, enhancing the product’s perceived value through a carefully curated narrative.

The ‘purple’ Supreme pizza, vibrant and visually striking, showcased a unique build process, spotlighting the quality raw ingredients that justified its elevated price point. Meanwhile, the ‘brown’ Barbeque variant told a tale of a slow, meticulous process, reinforcing the richness of its flavor profile.

This strategic approach not only differentiated the product visually but also communicated a narrative of craftsmanship, premium ingredients, and an elevated culinary experience. The on-shelf prominence achieved through these distinct colors not only met the brief but also positioned the brand as a standout, premium offering in the competitive pizza market.


Independent Food supplier to Metcash


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