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IGA Fruit Cup

The creation of the IGA Fruit Cup stemmed from an inspired concept initiated by Metcash, driven by a commitment to promoting healthy eating habits among children under 15 years old. Developed in tandem with an internal IGA fresh produce push, the IGA Fruit Cup project sought to engage children in making nutritious choices through a convenient and appealing snack option.

The Fruit Cup’s design and contents were meticulously crafted to align with the objectives of fostering healthier dietary habits. Packed with a variety of fresh, vibrant fruits, the product presented a visually enticing and accessible solution to encourage children to embrace a nutritious lifestyle. The IGA Fruit Cup not only addressed the immediate promotional goals but also contributed to a broader initiative of instilling healthy eating practices in the younger demographic.

This collaborative endeavour showcased the dedication of Metcash and IGA in leveraging their influence to positively impact children’s dietary choices, reinforcing the importance of health and wellness in the community while delivering a delightful and health-conscious snack option.


Metcash / IGA


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